What does Vanguard's entry to ESG ETFs mean to the industry? Purview's Linda Zhang was interviewed by ETF Advisor Magazine, June 27, 2018

The recent announcement by Vanguard' entry into ESG ETFs launches might raise the competition in the small yet fast rising part of the ETF product category, ESG ETFs.  It might also help accelerate the process where ESG becomes part of the mainstream investing.

Quotes from the article:

The ESG category within ETFs is ripe for competition, says Linda Zhang, CEO and founder of Purview Investments, a New York City-based independent asset manager and RIA that holds many ESG-principled ETFs in its investment portfolios. She notes that iShares has about 60 percent of the market share, with SPDRs and NuShares a distant second and third, respectively, while Goldman Sachs' entry last week into the ESG ETF derby with the JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (JUST)—which already has nearly $250 million in assets—puts them in fourth place. 

"Vanguard’s entry with its signature low-cost products will probably challenge the dominance of iShares in the ESG space very soon," Zhang says.